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Welcome to Project - Gamer X. We're a group dedicated to many projects. These vary from different ideas to the many people who collaborate with us. For those just visiting, I hope you enjoy.
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 Shin here!

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Shin here! Empty
PostSubject: Shin here!   Shin here! EmptyWed Jun 27, 2012 9:38 pm

Alright, so I have been around since skeith first created his guild; Youkai.
Since then I have made quite a few characters but now I guess I'm trying to settle with my latest one; Shindaichi (know it's an 'i' too much but still >.>)

Aaaanyways, I don't have the 'greatest' humor but you'll better bear with me with that one ^^;
So yeah, I'm 17 and a pretty happy guy, although I may be pretty shy..... o.o;;
What I mostly do when I'm not out is either..... Drawing, watching anime, playing games (mostly mabi) aaaaand sometimes I work on a small side project just to pass time (making a game)

Sooo yeah, that's most things about me, pleased to meet ya all ^^
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Shin here!
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